Why you should develop a taxi-hailing app for your taxi business?

Taxi App

It is not the destination that matters, but the journey. What can be a greater joy than helping people reach their destination and also have a good time during the process? If you run a taxi business, then you would be experiencing this joy everyday. But what if we tell you its difficult to grow your taxi business without an online taxi-hailing app? What if we tell you that to stay competitive and alive in this tech-savvy world, a taxi-hailing app is no less than an elixir?

Believe it or not, a taxi-hailing app is a must for your taxi business. If you are not convinced, read on.


Customers value time

Gone are the days when customers call a customer center for booking a taxi or hail a cab on the street. The contours of customer-driver interaction have changed drastically and today, customers have no time to wait for cabs. Just a few taps on the smartphone screen ensures the dispatch of a cab. Thanks to digital revolution, the disruption has been so profound that having a taxi-hailing app has become more of a psychological necessity for customers than a luxury. To tap into the online customer base, you need to have a taxi-hailing app.


Fair rates and rating system

Through the taxi-hailing apps, customers get to know the rate being charged for their journey. That helps to avoid confusion and friction between taxi business and customers. The enhanced experience also ensures customer satisfaction, and it reflects in the fair mechanism of rating the taxi business or the drivers.



S-R-M stands for Security, Routing and Meritocracy. Since each cab can be tracked in real time and the details of the taxi driver are also recorded, it gives a sense of security to the passengers. Moreover, GPS-enabled systems and Google maps together help to avoid unnecessary routes, thus helping to save time. Instant reviews from passengers also help the taxi business to understand which drivers are performing well and who all need re-skilling. This ensures real time meritocracy. Won’t you like these salient features for your taxi business?


Direct communication between stakeholders

At times, taxi drivers don’t get the exact location of the passenger. Or often passengers want to convey some information to the drivers. In traditional taxi business, this feature is hardly present. But a taxi-hailing app provides this facility seamlessly. Just a single tap on a button and the driver can be contacted. This enhances user experience, which leads to customer delight. Which taxi business won’t like to offer the best services to its customers?


Less expenses

Traditional taxi businesses have humans working to record the pickup address, drop location and even some other details. This is a huge cost that a traditional taxi business incurs. What if your taxi-hailing app could take care of all of it? There will less errors, and more work gets done. Moreover, your taxi-hailing app will be able to reach far more customer than your IT guys can. Training the human resources on the operations of the business can involve further drain of money. A taxi-hailing app can do that at a far less cost and can help you tap a far larger customer base.


Quick marketing

Marketing and branding tasks can consume a lot of time and have limited channels. You can advertise about the various discounts, offers and schemes that your traditional taxi business can offer in newspapers, magazines and television. But is the customer really looking into those media? “No” comes the direct answer. Once a customer downloads your taxi-hailing app, he/she can receive all offers, discounts and schemes on the app itself. A traditional taxi business can leverage the digital platform and can promote one’s services at one place, the place where customer actually resides, i.e. the taxi app.



If customers have a good experience with drivers and the app, they tend to return to the same app. Ola and Uber enjoy a lot of loyalty from their customer base because of the enriching experience they provide. Having a taxi-hailing app for your taxi business can make a world of difference for your profits and revenues. Your customers will keep returning to your services and this is where your business will out-perform. This makes the need of such apps even more relevant.


Driver satisfaction

Your business can never prosper if your employees are unhappy. Business is not just about customers solely. Even your own workforce needs to feel satisfied. With a taxi-hailing app, your drivers can be ensured of proper payments online. This helps them to get money without keeping size-able cash in pockets. Automatic billing from e-wallets also helps them to be safe of cash related issues.


Workforce reduction

You can drastically change the way you employ drivers. From having a fleet of cabs and cab drivers, you can transform your taxi business into a taxi aggregator solution. Drivers can subscribe to your company’s services and you can have a fleet of cabs without directly owning them. This will eliminate your maintenance costs of cab and reduce your operational costs at the same time. This will also reduce your liabilities significantly and land your taxi business in a formidable position.


What to do next?

If you are convinced of the need and value of a taxi-hailing app  for your taxi business, then the next thing to do is to figure out the technical competence of your company and check all the requirements to hav an app in place. You will need an app that runs on Android devices and iOS systems. A website will also be required, along with a small customer service team. You will also need to decide if your taxi business provides point-to-point service or only taxi hailing services.


The taxi industry has already adopted taxi-hailing apps in large proportions. And it is giving you no reason to stick to a traditional business model. If you want to make a mark, then you need to make a move and get an app for your taxi business.


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