Upcoming Features in Android O

Android O

A set of two concentric circles in different shades of yellow and orange has caught the entire tech savvy community in excitement. As the operating systems of mobile phones get smarter and more sophisticated, people are rapt in attention to guess the upcoming features in Android O. And as Google continues to tickle the suspense, let’s take a sneak peek into what all the gossip on Android O is about. We are sure that you are as excited as we are about the youngest member of Android family.

Better Hardware

Without a sound hardware, smartphones won’t look so smart. And Android O realizes that very well. That’s why it has come up with various enhancements in hardware quality.

Battery Friendliness

A perennial concern for smartphone users has been the uncontrolled drainage of battery. Android O has followed suit of what iOS has done and it is expected to limit and manage the activities of background apps, when multiple apps are open. This is going to be a big step in saving a ton of battery power.

To give you a fair idea, suppose you have Google Maps running in the background. However, you are using calculator in foreground. Android O recognizes that Google Maps can relax a bit and hence, location update happens less frequently. Your battery will be happy with this change, as priority is placed on apps without any human input.


Lovers of music, attention! Android O will power your phone to wirelessly stream high quality audio. This will be a huge plus for those who love music and want singers and musicians to entertain them on the go. Powered by Bluetooth, HiFi audio will be transmitted to people who don’t like to mess with wires of headphones.

WiFi Aware

This feature will allow your mobile apps and other devices in the vicinity to find each other and communicate over WiFi, without any internet access point. Now third party calling apps can also work with each other.



The release of Android O Developer Preview has brought forward a number of new enhanced features.

Grouped Notifications

Notifications help us remain updated with every incoming message and ongoing events in the world or friend circles. Android O takes notifications to an altogether new level by having alerts grouped according to type. Google calls it “app-defined categories for notification content”.

The notification channels are customizable too. For instance, having a channel for new-related apps will help you control the notification settings for all such apps at once.

As a user, you will get to snooze notifications. The time limits for time out of notifications can be set by developers. Just slide your finger to ask notifications to remain silent for 15, 30 or even 60 minutes. You can choose your favourite colour as the background colour of notifications and can also choose the messaging style.


Though iPad has already said a lot about this feature, Android O has not lagged far behind. A user will be able to continue watching a TV show on Android O phone, while also operating the calculator. Movie-watching must be seamless and Android O allows nothing to come in the way of your entertainment. This has already been a feature in Android TV and Android phones will enjoy this feature soon.

Multi-Display Support

Multi-display support will help users to enjoy multiple displays and move their activities from one screen to the other.

Keyboard & Autofill

Android O does not aim to be confined to phones. Therefore, it will come with an improved tab and arrow key navigation. This will be of help when used with a physical keyboard. This will also help developers to make navigation and shortcuts quite easier.

Android O also aims to provide you a smooth and secure access to password manager apps across your phone through autofill. The OS will give you liberty to choose the password manager app you want to use, just like you can select a keyboard today. Improved autofill will help users to use their authentication-related data in a much simplified and error-free manner, without annoying repetitions.

Adaptive Icons

Icons will no longer be just rectangular pieces of blocks. In Android O, they will support visual effects. The icons can be customized to various shapes on different devices.

Cache Friendliness

Nobody like device memory to be filled up. Cached data often takes up a lot of space in the device memory. In Android O, each app will have designated quota in storage for cached information. Whenever the device will suffer from shortage of space, the data from apps that will be using space in excess of their quota will be deleted.

Copy Friendly

Android O understands you as a person and that’s what comes in handy to help in typing less. When you do some activity in one app, Android O remembers the information and if you proceed to type something in the next app, Android O gives suggestions on the basis of what you had been doing in the previous app. This helps you to type less and copy text easily. For example, if you had been searching for a nearby café on Google and then go to Whatsapp chat to type “Let’s meet at..”, Android O will popup the café’s name as a suggestion. It is however, unclear if this feature will be integrated inside Android or will come with Gboard.

Helpful Gestures

Just draw a letter on the screen with Contacts app opened, and the list of contacts starting with that letter will show up. The tech world is expecting this feature to be there in Android O, though there is no confirmation about it.



All these features will enhance the user experience and will turn using smartphone into a joyful activity. Operating Android will be far more seamless and the variety of features will help in performance, usability and accessibility.


Android O is going to be a pack of pleasant surprises. Or are they really surprises anymore? Though we don’t intend to have this blog as a spoiler, yet we intend to increase your excitement before you hold an Android O powered phone in your hand.

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