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On Demand Uber For X Solutions

In this fast paced world, people have access to all sorts of gadgets but there is an extreme paucity of time. And in such a situation where man needs everything to be done in an instant, businesses cannot afford a delay in services. Instant gratification was a mere concept some time back, but now it has become the new norm of life.

How do businesses connect to customers and the marketplace in a seamless manner, so that the luxury of ‘time’ is not wasted? Well, the answer is – “Uber for X”.


What is Uber for X?

Uber for X is the name given to “Mobile Apps for On-demand Service”. It is a concept that helps to service a request from consumers offline, while receiving the request online through a mobile app. Since Uber has set an example of how it solved the problem of taxi hailing platforms in the United States and then scaled around the world, this concept has been termed “Uber for X”.


How can Uber for X help?

Uber for X, which is also often called ‘Uber On Demand Apps’, can be a boon for various industries. You can find ‘Uber for X’ apps for food, like Sprig, Mucherry, Spoonrocket etc. Hotel Tonight is an example of ‘Uber for X’ app that can be used for last minute hotel bookings. From cash delivery and courier services, we also have apps for shipping, language tutoring and even lawn mowing. You can easily get apps for finding valet for your car or for laundry or even for getting sports partners. The range of applications of ‘Uber for X’ apps is increasing day after day.


‘Uber for X’ – Transportation

Uber for X - Transportation

This is the most common of the Uber-For-X categories. Uber is itself one prime example for this. Moreover, Uber has also rendered the name for such mobile applications. Lyft is another example of ‘Uber for X’ apps helping in easy transportation. Gone are the days when you had to wait on the roads, hoping and waving for a taxi. Today, you can simply pull out your smartphones, do a few clicks and bravo! Your cab is booked and it also helps you track your cab. Even drivers have an assured supply of passengers and revenue. Passengers get quick rides at rates that don’t pinch their pockets. Such mobile applications will also help you for commuting on bus, carpooling and even for traveling on sharing basis.


‘Uber for X’ – Healthcare

Uber for X - Health

It is a heart-wrenching scene to see an ambulance stuck in traffic or a delayed phone call in times of physical distress. And when each second is crucial, one ‘Uber for X’ app can mean difference between life and death. ‘Uber for X’ apps for healthcare can connect ailing patients with doctors anytime, anywhere. A video chat can help patient explain his/her symptoms and the general practitioner to examine and recommend remedies. Besides getting prescription within minutes online, one can also request for Home Health Aide or a Certified Health Assistant and can skip long queues at hospitals and clinics. ‘Uber for X’ apps can help you book an appointment with doctors, call ambulances, and raising requests for para-transits and wheelchair vans. Healthcare was never so seamless before. KallDoc, Medicast and Ringadoc are a few examples.


‘Uber for X’ – Tech Support

Uber for X - Tech Support

We are sure that you will agree when we say that taking home appliances to external service centers is too big a headache. What if we could call tech-support right at our doorstep for in-house repairs? If the idea sounds good, then ‘Uber for X’ apps will give food to your thought. From fixing smartphones to different home appliances, with a flick of finger, you will hav access to a number of technicians in your vicinity, details about charges applicable and feedback forms.


‘Uber for X’ – Laundry & Cleanliness

FlyCleaners, and Cleanly are examples of ‘Uber for X’ apps that have made laundry quite easy for people. Tapping a few buttons on your smartphone app can help you get your clothes cleaned quickly without hassles. Dashlocker is a ‘Uber for X’ application that helps with dry cleaning. Moreover, Washly can help to keep your cars clean. Homejoy and Handybook can also help you keep your home clean.


‘Uber for X’ – Food Delivery

Uber for X - Food Delivery

Muncherry, Spoonrocket and feastly are big names in the industry of ‘Uber for X’ apps for food delivery. You must have seen RoadRunnr employees plying on the roads to deliver food. Various restaurants and cafes have tied up with such ‘Uber for X’ companies and have benefited in these times of stiff competition to attract customers with various offers.


Hotel Booking

Uber for X - Hotel

‘Uber for X’ apps can also help you book rooms in hotels and inns in other cities, from the comfort of your couch. Oyo Rooms have grown in India and are reputed to provide standard accommodation. Rates are quite affordable too.


Door-Step Delivery

Instano is a ‘Uber for X’ app that helps you do a myriad of errands with just a piece of text sent online. It is like your private butler. Even companies like Grofers and Swiggy have leveraged the ‘Uber for X’ platform to provide doorstep delivery services and have grown well.



Uber for X - Fitness

Can ‘Uber for X’ apps help you be a better sportsperson? “Yes” comes the resounding answer. Fitmob is an app that can help towards group fitness. Tennis Buddy helps you to find tennis partners. Zeel, Unwind and Soothe can become handy for massages.


How to leverage ‘Uber for X’?

You need to have the following features in your ‘Uber for X’ application.

  • “Request For Service” button
  • GPS service to track service providers
  • Seamless receipt generation system
  • Cashless payment facility
  • Rating options



Now when you know that ‘Uber for X’ applications can help you in multiple sectors, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and grow your business online by creating ‘Uber for X’ apps and tap a far larger customer base. Who knows ‘Uber for X’ apps may make your business uber-cool!

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