Top 10 Must-Have Features For An Uber Like App

Uber Like App

Are you amazed by the way Uber works? Have you been dreaming of creating an app like Uber? If yes, then it is time for you to pause and know the 10 must-have features for an Uber like app. We will help you understand the features that you should have to make your dream a reality.

Maps & Location Services

This is the most primary of features to have in an Uber-like app. To hail a cab, the users need to convey their exact location to the cab drivers. Gone are the days when addresses used to be conveyed in terms of postal address or street names. The society today is quite tech-savvy and knows well that nothing works better than geo-location coordinates for pinpointing a location on the map. Your app must be able to leverage the power of GPS tracking and Google maps to find your exact location on the map. This will help the cab drivers to avoid any kind of confusion of your location and will bring them right where you are present.

Without this feature, a cab driver may need a lot of directions through phone call with the passenger. And bothering the passengers may lead to a bad experience and bad ratings for your services. Google maps can help the driver navigate through all streets and lanes to reach the passenger’s place without any external assistance.

In-app Payments

Payments in cash are passe. No, we are not asking to pay in kind. However, the money need not be in tangible forms these days. Uber has an in-app payment mechanism, which makes the payment process very seamless and convenient. Having a fully compliant payment gateway is the way to go forward if you need an Uber-like app. Integrated payment systems help the passengers to make the process of payment automated. Moreover, payment to drivers can also be done through this method. This also helps the passengers to tender exact change during payments. There are times when due to lack of change, either party ends up losing a bit of money, which might be unpleasant to certain customers.

Though incorporating such technologies lead to technical complexity, yet it does lead to a better customer experience, which is a very crucial part of business.

Built-in Fee Collector

Getting fee from the drivers must be made paperless and one good way of doing so is to pay the drivers in cashless instalments. You can ask the drivers to subscribe to a plan and then select a billing cycle. No manual paperwork is necessary. The fee will be collected automatically from the drivers and will help to minimize the unnecessary human interaction between administration and drivers for fee collection. The drivers must have access to top-up features, current balance and subscription details.

Smart Analytical Tools

You need to know how your drivers are performing. You cannot run behind drivers for data collection, but you can certainly seek the help of technology for this matter. Using a few analytics tools will help you get the necessary numbers and analyze them periodically. This will improve transparency, reward meritocracy and improve your business significantly.

Meticulous reports must be generated by the tools to help you study the business operations effectively. You will be able to track the orders, missed orders, assigned orders and also the booking sources.


Creation of profiles must be a feature in your app. Authorization helps in making justified online payments. Anyways, without authorization, online payments will fail. You will also be able to add driver details like his license number, vehicle registration number, contact details etc. It also helps to store the details of the passengers and use them to predict their destination on the basis of which places they have travelled to the most.

Communication Channel

If you want to inform your customers about various deals and offers from your company, then it is a must to establish a communication channel with them. You should be able to send push notifications to your customers. In-app notifications also help. And the feature can be extended to drivers too.  Conveying an important information or change in policies can be far easier if done through in-app notifications.

Fare Calculator

Passengers arguing with taxi drivers at the end of a ride is not very uncommon, be it in any country of the world you are in. This can be minimized if a rate card is made publically visible in the app. This helps the passengers to understand the fares and a fare calculator can help to give an estimate to the passengers about the money to be shelled out. This avoids confusion and altercations between the passengers and drivers.

Taxi Tracker

Passengers never like to keep calling drivers about how far they are from the pickup location. A smart cab tracker based on GPS and Google maps helps them to track the driver. This leads to customer satisfaction and complete transparency about the entire system.


No business can prosper without valuable feedback from the customers. Your app must have a rating and review feature that helps the passengers to give honest feedback about your services. This leads to improvement in business operations and also learn about the loopholes or weak areas in the business.

Booking History

Your app must allow passengers and drivers to see the history of bookings they have done and received respectively. Customers often need to keep a track of the various journeys they have undertaken and this feature comes handy. It also provides useful information to passengers for reference while lodging complaints. The drivers can also use this feature to maintain a track of journeys they have undertaken and it can come handy as a reference information if there is any disparity between payment and number of rides undertaken. In short, it helps to make the business quite transparent.


These are the 10 most important features that you can never say ‘No’ to. On top of this, there are several other features that are equally important and will be good to have. Get in touch with us to start a discussion on your next uber-like taxi hailing app and we’ll tell you more.

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