Do you need an app for your hotel business?


Your hotel must be running quite seamlessly with the receptionist welcoming guests, people checking in and housekeepers going about their daily errands. But have you ever thought that an addition to your business workforce can help your hotel business reach an altogether different level? You just need to hire another entity – a mobile app, and it can help you gain more visibility and far more profits. If you are still wondering how, let us show you the benefits of a mobile app for your hotel business.

Shifting technology trends

A large percentage of your guests must have moved away from desktops to mobile devices for making travel and accommodation plans. No one is interested in sitting before a large screen just to do the bookings. When one can do everything on the go with a mobile phone in their hands, why would one even think of using a desktop PC? These days, travelers book flights, hire cabs and book restaurant tables using mobile apps. And the same is happening for booking hotel rooms. The finest hotels have already embraced mobile technology and have apps to take the entire work of websites on to the mobile realm. Does you hotel business have any reason not to do so?

Brand promotion

Your marketing team will love to add new technologies that help to extend your brand image and help to get more customers. Regardless of the size of your hotel, you will always prefer to maximize the booking of your hotel rooms. Having a mobile app for your hotel and helping your guests to receive services seamlessly will promote your brand and help gain customer loyalty. The app can also help get media attention and increase brand awareness. Though advertisements in print and social media, you can simply ask people to download your hotel’s app to get more details.

Affordable solution

If you are not interested in creating an app’s design and functionality right from scratch, then you can keep the hotel app affordable. You can hire an established app development company and can get an easy to set-up app, which is aesthetically appealing and usable. With a proper plan, you can get your app running in a month’s time.

Customer loyalty

Loyalty of customers is an esoteric element for hotel businesses. Once a customer downloads your hotel’s app and makes a booking through it, it is highly likely that he/she will continue using the app for future bookings too. Definitely, a good service is the primary precondition for repeat orders. It can help your customers save time and be quick with the mundane task of booking the room. Once the customer finds that he/she has a convenient way to do so, he/she will stick to it. Repeat business is a vital part of sustainability of a business.

Easy communication

If your business wants to send information about new offers or deals to the past customers, email is not a very ideal way to do so. Sending SMS may not help you get visibility and sending Whatsapp message may not be looked at with appreciation. But your hotel app can help you in this regard. You can send push notifications to your mobile app and this will inform your past customers about the offers you are laying out. Who knows, this may excite some of your customers to avail your services during their next travel.

Repository of all information

Customers have no time to keep browsing websites to compare between different available hotels and then select one. They want all details to be at their disposal at one place. Your app can help achieve that purpose. Your app can contain all information at one place and it will need just  little navigation to know about the details of booking, rate card and the timings of check-in and check-out. Making the work of your customer easier and helping them to be productive will certainly earn you reward points and the customers will certainly incline towards your hotel the next time a hotel booking has to be done.

How to take decision?

Before you leap to hire an app developer and create the first app for your hotel, you need to ask a few questions to yourself.

What’s your customer base?: You need to know what kind of customers check-into your hotel. If most customers come with feature phones, rather than smartphones, then you don’t need to have an app for your hotel business. Spending time and valuable resources for rich user interfaces is worthwhile only if you have customers who will eventually experience it.

Kind of content: You must decide the kind of content that you are making available on your app. Some apps need active data connection throughout. However, some apps also store data in cache and can show some important information even without any internet availability.

Nature of app: Your app may require the usage of GPS, NFC, cameras etc. If that is the case, you must go for native apps. However, if your app has only basic features, then you can go for web apps which are developed in HTML5.

Regularity of content updates: You need to decide how frequently you will be updating mobile content. Unlike mobile websites that can be updated instantly, mobile apps need approvals from app marketplaces, before the user can install the updates.

Constraints: You also need to look at the financial and technical constraints that you may have. Before getting into it, you need to figure out how much money you would like to invest into creating such a solution.

A little bit of research into your constraints and customer behavior can help you understand the potential benefits of such an app for your hotel business. It can make a hugely positive difference to you as well as your valuable customers.

Looking at the competition in the market and the way the entire hospitality industry is going digital, it only makes sense to adopt mobile app technologies for your hotel. The investment you make today into such a solution will go a long way in transforming your business. Get in touch with us now to know more.


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