What to expect in iPhone 8!

iPhone 8

Type “smartphone” on Google, and you will find a deluge of images flooding the search results. There are brands promising high resolution, enhanced features, better camera and increased battery life. And then there is iPhone – a league in itself, that has always been symbolic of high quality. And with iPhone rolling out marvelous pieces of innovation with every new release, it is not hard to imagine the excitement that surrounds the expectations from the next iPhone. Why not raise the excitement even further and indulge in hedonist pleasure savoring the upcoming features of iPhone 8?


All-Glass Design

Having a metal case for iPhones has become kind of a norm now. The next time you visit the market, don’t be surprised with the sight of an-all glass enclosure. Just imagine the kind of elegance your iPhone will have with a continuous glass case. Yes, this won’t be first time Apple would have introduced glass case. iPhone 4 and 4S did feature glass cases, but following hideous cracks that appeared on customer’s phones, metal came as a savior. If a stronger glass case can show promise, it will be a turnaround for mobile design sector. Kuo and Digitimes have also touted that a stainless steel frame version of the phone may also make an entry in the market. Want some more information? China’s ET News has also claimed that iPhone 8 can come with a teardrop design– a tribute to the original iPhone on its 10th birthday.


Fingerprint Scanner On The Back

Reports from various sources claim that iPhone may have its screen stretching from end to end. But with that, the fingerprint scanner may lose its old home and will have to look for another space. The TouchID sensor will also have to accompany it. Synaptics had come up with a new optical fingerprint sensor, which was seen as a promising candidate for resolving this scenario.

However, a report from Timothy Arcuri, an analyst at Cowen and Company, says that certain bottlenecks may prevent the advent of an under-the-screen fingerprint scanner. And this is why the back of the phone may have to welcome the fingerprint reader. Leaked schematics by SlashLeaks and Sonny Dickson have also led to rumors that the fingerprint reader may find a place right under the rear camera.


Augmented Reality

If Business Insider’s reports are to be believed, there are ongoing bullish efforts by Apple to integrate Augmented Reality capabilities in the next iOS’s camera app. The report says that the AR features will allow users to point the camera at any object or the person, and an app will easily recognize the same.

Another report from Business Insider says that a few hardware changes can also enable Apple to release a 3D camera sensor in the next iPhone. Steven Milunovich, an analyst at UBS, has also claimed that Apple has a team in Israel dedicated towards AR related projects. Himax Technologies is suposedly supplying Apple with 3D sensing components to aid in facial recognition. With the next iPhone, you will step into the world of augmented reality the moment you press the power button after purchase.

Augmented Reality


AI Comes Knocking

If AR enters the foray, how can AI be far behind? Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has already said that artificial intelligence will be of significant focus for the iPhone. The next iPhone can help you find your parked car to even having the phone recommend you which music to stream. Cook has also hinted at AI increasing iPhone’s battery life, though details are still hazy.


Facial Recognition says Hello

Instead of pushing the fingerprint reader at the back of the iPhone, Apple may also ditch the TouchID button and introduce facial recognition system. A research note from Rod Hall of JP Morgan says that iPhone 8 can also have a 3D laser scanner at the front side to help you unlock the device. RealFace– a facial recognition company– had been bought by Apple. This may fuel the innovation we are talking about.


Wireless Charging

An all-glass design will make it far simpler to have a wireless charging system incorporated in the next iPhone. Foxconn– the firm that puts iPhones together– has already tested wireless charging modules, as stated by Nikkei Asian Review. Digitimes also claimed that a company from Taiwan that makes fast wireless charging components has also entered the supply chain of Apple for the next iPhone. Inductive charging may be on its way to the next iPhone.


Headphone Jack May Elude

3.5 mm Audio Jack

The 3.5mm headphone jack was dropped from iPhone 7. This forced the entire iPhone user community to go wireless with headphones or use an adapter in the Lightning port. And the next iPhone may also stick to the guns. However, the lightning port may get replaced by a USB Type-C port. If it happens, do thank the Wall Street Journal report that guessed it. A USB Type-C port will bring iPhone in line with other gadgets like MacBook and MacBook Pro. USB Type-C Power Delivery technology can help charge iPhone much faster. There are chances that Apple may also offer a Lightning to headphone jack adapter in iPhone 8.


Spellbinding OLED

Looking at the deal that Apple has signed with Samsung to produce OLED displays for its devices debuting in 2017, it can be well expected that the next iPhone will carry an OLED display. The deal says that Samsung will provide around 160 million OLED panels, which may be used for the next iPhone. OLEDs eliminate the need of back-lighting that traditional LCD displays use. This can usher in a change as the thickness of iPhone will get further reduced and so will the weight. OLED displays will also be flexible and will offer improved viewing angles, truer colors, better contrast ratio, faster response time and reduced battery consumption. User experience on iPhone is going to touch new heights if OLED displays become a part of the next iPhone.


iPhone 8 is going to be better and much faster than all its predecessors. If you are looking for a phone that redefines user experience and innovation, then you might want to wait till iPhone 8 is released.


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